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axis accelerometer gyroscope MPU9250 MPU6050 attitude angle measurement module

  • Model: JY901 module
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JY-901 series modules integrated high precision gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetic field sensor by high performance microprocessor and the advanced kinetic calculation and dynamic Kalman filtering algorithm, can quickly solve the module current real-time motion attitude.

The use of advanced digital filtering technology, can effectively reduce the measurement noise, improve the measurement accuracy.

Internal module is integrated with the attitude solver, with the dynamic Kalman filtering algorithm, can under the dynamic environment accurate output module of current attitude, attitude measurement accuracy is 0.01 degree, high stability performance even better than some of the professional inclinometer.

Module internal voltage stability circuit, working voltage 3v~6v, pin level compatible with the 3.3V/5V embedded system, convenient connection.

Support serial port and IIC two digital interface. Convenient users to choose the best way to connect. Serial rate 2400bps~921600bps adjustable, IIC interface supports full speed 400K rate.

Maximum 200Hz data output rate. Input content can be arbitrarily selected, the output rate can be adjusted.

Reservation 4 expansion port, can be configured as analog input, digital input, digital output, PWM output, and other functions.

Ability to connect with GPS. Can be accepted in accordance with the NMEA-0183 standard serial GPS data, the formation of GPS-IMU integrated navigation unit.

Using the stamp hole gold plating process, can be embedded in the user's PCB board.

4 layer PCB board process, thinner, smaller, more reliable.

JY-901 module is divided into a version of the JY-901B with air pressure and no pressure version of JY-901, the link is no pressure module version.

1, voltage: 3V~6V

2, current: <40mA

3, volume: X 15.24mm X 2mm 15.24mm

4, pad spacing: up and down 100mil (2.54mm), about 600mil (15.24mm)

5, measurement dimensions: acceleration: 3 dimensional, angular velocity: 3 dimensional, magnetic field: 3 dimensions, angle: 3 dimensions, air pressure: 1, GPS:3 dimension

6, range: acceleration: + 16g, angular velocity: + 2000 degrees /s, angle of 180 degrees.

7, resolution: acceleration: 6.1e-5g, angular velocity: 7.6e-3 degrees /s.

8, stability: acceleration: 0.01g, angular velocity of 0.05 degrees /s.

9, attitude measurement stability: 0.01 degrees.

10, data output: and height of time, acceleration, angular velocity, angle, and the magnetic field, the port state, pressure JY-91B JY-91B, latitude (GPS connection), GS (need to connect GPS).

10, data output frequency 0.1Hz~200Hz.

11 and data interface: (TTL serial port, baud rate support 2400 and 4800, 9600 and 19200 38400, and 57600, 115200, 230400, this, 921600), I2C (maximum support high-speed IIC rate 400k)

12, expansion port function: analog input (0~VCC), digital input, digital output, PWM output (cycle 1us-65535us, resolution 1US)