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GE Infrared CO2 sensor module

  • Model: T6603-5 module
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  • Units in Stock: 500

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The module is Carbon dioxide module for Arduino.


Only add 2 line code when use Arduino. Can be used for home testing, indoor planting greenhouses, fermentation and other projects .Infrared optical principle, more gas selective than the sensitive chemical material!

Main technical parameters:

Power supply: 5VDC

Measurement range: 0-2000ppm

Digital output: UART@19200BAND

Measurement accuracy: + 70ppm

Temperature drift: 0.5%FS/

Stability: ABClogic will allow the module to achieve full precision. When logic ABC is enabled, as long as the sensor at least 3 times per 21 days can be detected at the reference CO2 concentration (CO2 400ppm concentration), and the reference value of CO2 is the lowest value can be detected.

Nonlinear: less than 2%FS

T90 time: less than 3 minutes

Exterior dimension: 65mm*60mm*15.24mm

Interface connection: B5B-EH-A JST (LF) (SN) ()

The sensor module is provided with 4 mounting holes to match the standard circuit board locking holes (4mm (+0.2, -0.0mm): 5.2mm).


Low dependence of u on humidity

U 15 years of long life

U low cost, low energy consumption

U full technical support


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