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Gooit GY560 portable frequency meter

  • Model: Gooit GY560
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Package list:

GY560 Frequency Counter*1(no battery)

English manual*1

Attention:All our goods are 100% new,never been used before!

This frequency counter can continually test the analog radio signal (handhold radio,wireless phone, etc ) and digital radio signal, to display the frequency parameter with the signal strength.It must be the best tool for the signal testing and radio maintenance.


- Frequency step : 200K (digital radio signal), 1K, 100Hz.

- Testing distance : UHF : 8m, VHF : 5m.
- Testing range : 50 MHz ~ 2.4 GHz
- Antenna : pulling out antenna
- Battery : 9V 6F22
- Auto power off time : 1 mins. (except for the digital signal gear)
- Operation : the only one button with all functions


The only one button with all functions.
The 1st pressing to turn on
Welcomingrelease the button return to powering off mode
***continually pressing
To choose the 200k steprelease button , 200k mode for digital radio
***continually pressing
To choose the 1k step -- release button , 1k mode for faster testing
***continually pressing
To choose the 100Hz step release button, 100Hz mode for accurate testing

***continually pressing

Turned on (1k or 100Hz mode) turned on (200k mode)|
Press quickly and release normal pressing
To lock the screen display Bye Bye
Press quickly again and release release the button, then power off.
Unlock the screen
continually pressing for 2 sec or more
Display BI BI
Release the button, then power off.



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