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oxygen battery PSR-11-75-KE7 compatible with MAX-250E

  • Model: PSR-11-75-KE7
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United States AII oxygen sensor


NEWPORTNewport oxygen oxygen battery battery PSR-11-75-KE7

PSR-11-75-KE9Hereinafter referred to as KE7 oxygen battery, KE9 oxygen battery

Compatible with MAX-250E oxygen battery, oxygen sensorApplied to the NEWPORT E360 E500, HT70 ventilator, Newport E360 ventilator oxygen battery
Output: 10~15.5mV at the temperature of 25 DEG C and a pressure in the 1013mbar environment

Operating temperature: 5~40

Maximum storage temperature: -15~50

The most ideal storage temperature: 5~25

Measurement range: 0~100%

Zero voltage: 0.5mV

90%Response time: at 25 C, the time for the 15S

Linear: full load +/-2.0%

Stability: at a constant temperature, humidity, pressure is fully loaded with no more than 1%

Temperature compensation: no more than 3% at 15~50

Life: 5 years

Humidity: 5%~95% relative humidity without condensation