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Temperature humidity PM2.5 3 in 1 transmitter

  • Model: DLBQ-1A transmitter
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New update version with waterproof function . 3 output signal lines for temperature,humidity, PM2.5.

There are 2 kinds of signal mode: RS485 and 4-20MA, pls leave message what you want ,or will ship by random,thank you.

Function description:

PM2.5 DLBQ-1A and PM10 environmental parameter transmitter can measure PM2.5 and PM10 in air. It has the characteristics of stability, high accuracy, small volume, reliable performance and so on. Can be widely used in environmental assessment, indoor PM10, PM2.5 concentration monitoring, outdoor air PM10, PM2.5 concentration test. It is an ideal choice for PM10, PM2.5 concentration measurement and environmental assessment.

Two, performance index:

Measurement parameters: PM10, PM2.5; temperature (optional), humidity (optional)

Preheating time: 60S

Supply voltage: DC9V-DC28V, <200ma

Measurement range: PM10:0-999ug/m3, PM2.5; temperature: -120 C -40 C; humidity: 0RH%-100RH%

Measurement accuracy: PM2.5, PM10: resolution 1ug/m3, accuracy: < + 15%; temperature: 0.1 degrees Celsius resolution, precision + 0.4 C; humidity: resolution 1RH%, accuracy of + 3RH%

Working environment: temperature: -60 C -25 C, humidity: 5RH%-95RH%, storage temperature: --60 C -30 C. Storage humidity: 5RH%-95RH%

Signal output: RS485 (Modbus), you can set the address code

Four core cable output: GND, DC24V, RS485-A, RS485-B; -GND -DC24V black, red, blue and white line -RS485-A, RS485-B

The threshold alarm threshold: PM2.5 alarm relay output; relay capacity: AC220V, 3A; DC24V, 3A

Housing volume: 110X70X38mm, wall mounted