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Thread type zirconia oxygen sensor O2S-FR-T2-18C

  • Model: O2S-FR-T2-18C
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Screw type zirconia oxygen sensor (oxygen probe) O2S-FR-T2-18C (zirconia oxygen sensor / high temperature oxygen sensor / high precision oxygen sensor) detailed introduction:


Screw type zirconia oxygen sensor (oxygen probe) O2S-FR-T2-18C

Product introduction:

Oxygen sensor using two zirconia disk, in the middle of a sealed space. One of the functions of the disc is a reversible oxygen pump, followed by a sample of gas and take time out of this small space. Another disk is used to measure the difference ratio of oxygen partial pressure, and the corresponding sensing voltage is obtained. When the zirconia disk is used as an oxygen pump, the temperature of 700 C is required to be generated by the heating element. The oxygen pump has the corresponding relationship between the time of the minimum and maximum pressure and the oxygen partial pressure in the environment.

Two, product characteristics:

1) non consumable zirconia sensor

2) oxygen pressure range 2 mbar... 3 bar

3) high stability and accuracy, can be measured 0... 100% oxygen

4) no cross interference with other gases

5) without temperature stability

6) built-in heating element

Heater voltage: 4.35 + 0.1 VDC (1.85 A)

8) allow gas temperature: -100... 250 degrees C;

9) linear output signal