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Item Name Date Expected
Public Address System 5 area adjust high power amplifier 220V 01/11/2116
6N3/GE5670 fever valve tube DIY finished pre-amlifier board 01/07/2116
CITY Mox-2 oxygen sensor the new original import 12/30/2115
Wall-mounted light transmitter photodetector light sensor 12/30/2115
Ozone sensor MQ131 sensor 12/30/2115
oxygen battery PSR-11-75-KE7 compatible with MAX-250E 12/30/2115
Thread type zirconia oxygen sensor O2S-FR-T2-18C 12/30/2115
Air quality module MQ-FIS for air cleaner and household cleaners 12/30/2115
AQM-300E air quality monitoring module for air purifier 12/30/2115